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SALT is a dedicated, professional and unique surf school focused on teaching people how to surf by connecting the body, mind and soul with the rhythm of the ocean. We are a team of passionate, professional instructors and staff who love sharing our stoke with the community here in Tamarindo and around the world.

We use easy and logical steps to teach surfing technique with a 98% stand up rate on the first lesson and  a strong focus on safety to help you build confidence. Whatever your age or skill level we promise to take your surfing and your mindset to the next level.

SALT surf school



Surfing comes with some degree of risk and we work hard to ensure your safety is our top priority.

In every lesson, we teach the 5 points of safety and go over ocean theory with you so that you understand how the ocean works. When needed, we add an extra instructor to group lessons to accommodate younger children, and  our instructors are trained in ocean safety and first aid. We will always prioritize your well being above all else and would rather postpone or even cancel a lesson than to put you in danger.

Life Lessons

Our name Surf As Life Therapy was born from personal experience.  Surfing and the ocean are our greatest life teachers. When you’re in the water, the ocean is king and often lacks compassion. Add a challenging, physically demanding sport to the mix and it can be a humbling test of character.  We are reminded that we cannot control anything except ourselves. With SALT, our students learn to accept the way things are instead of trying to change them. We teach you how to control your mind and your body in order to adapt and dance with the ocean, to literally go with the flow, to build self confidence, and most importantly have FUN!


For those of you who want to optimize your technique and form, we provide guidance on elements such as: resolving dysfunctional movement patterns that interfere with maximum performance, accessing your full range of motion, refining your application of wave science, and most importantly adapting your mindset. We offer surf skate lessons to enhance form outside of the water and create muscle memory for higher success when riding the waves. We also provide video analysis lessons for intermediate surfers to get a new perspective and sense of movement which really takes your surfing to new heights.

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